Friday 11 September 2015

Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Home Editions

For a long time you had to have the Professional or Enterprise Editions of Windows in order to access the computer using Remote Desktop. Now, thanks to a couple of committed developers, we can enable RDP functionality on Windows Home Editions as well!.

Please note, I tested this on Windows 10 Single Language, but it should work for 8/8.1,7 and Vista

Step 1:

Download the latest RDP Wrapper Library from:

Step 2:

Extract the zip file using your favourite unzipping program, I like 7zip!

Step 3:

Open the folder, and right click on install, then select, "Run as administrator"

Click Ok when in the user account control window.

You should now see the installation status window:
Press any key to exit.

You should now be able to connect to this computer remotely!

RDPWrap also gives some extra options if your run RDPConf.exe


  1. but if in there setting of listener state showing "not listening".. how to solve..
    Please suggest the solution.

  2. Same here...Home edition not listening, even after released RDP 3389 port or disabled firewall

  3. Amazin dear enabling remote desktop is not good

  4. Fantastic... It works perfectly for me. If Windows 10 Home doesn't listen after installation, run the update.exe in admin mode. That's what I did and everything stated working.

    Thanks a lot OP.