Thursday 13 August 2015

Step by Step - Fallout Shelter on your PC Tutorial

So, you want to play Fallout Shelter on your PC?
It is actually not all that difficult, just follow the steps below and you will be up and running in no time.

I tested this on my Lenovo Laptop, running on Windows 10 64-bit, your mileage may vary, but if you have any questions, just ask them in the comments section.

I must say, it is much nicer than playing on phone or even a tablet:

Ubiquiti AirOS Hairpin NAT

When setting up a port forward (Destination NAT) on a Ubiquiti AirOs device, you will find that users inside your network will not be able to use the WAN IP to access the internal device. This is because you need to add what is known as a "Hairpin NAT". Read below for instructions on how to do that, and why it is necessary.

Friday 7 August 2015

Skakel Windows 10 se "Update Sharing" af.

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Windows 10 het 'n nuwe manier om opdaterings te versprei. In effek gebruik dit jou rekenaar as 'n bediener vir ander mense wat die opdatering wil aflaai. Dit beteken dat jou internet bandwydte gebruik word sonder jou toestemming.

Gelukkig kan 'n mens dit afskakel soos hieronder aangedui.

Disabling Windows 10 Update Uploading

In a move that has a lot of users up in arms, Microsoft has changed the way that updates are delivered in Windows 10. The new Windows update system uses a torrent like function of using PCs that have already downloaded an update, to share it back onto the internet. This is fine for users with unmetered internet, but for a lot of users, these uploads churn through their data caps quite fast.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Ubiquiti AirOS 5.6 Cacti Templates

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After many requests and much procrastination, here are the templates for AirOS 5.6 for Cacti.

You will now be able to graph individual client connection details directly from the AP!

Graphs Available:
Access Point / Client Direct Polling:
  • CPU
  • Combined Link Details
  • Uptime
  • Interface Traffic
  • Air Rate
  • Signal
  • Airmax
  • Air Rate
Connected Client Graphs:
  • Combined Link Details
  • Airmax
  • Traffic
  • Signal
  • Air Rate
AP Only
  • Station Count