Wednesday 5 November 2014

Mikrotik Hotspot Login - Grasveld

08:12 Posted by Jurgens Krause , , 9 comments


This is one I designed myself for use at our clients. Simply replace the logo.png, clientlogo.png, and background.jpg with the images of your choice to make it suitable for your scenario. You can also easily adapt the colors in mikrotikstyle.css.

It is designed to work easily on mobile devices, but also scale well to laptops.


  1. Hi. Can I hire you to configure my mikrotik ? Thx

    1. Hi Σκέψεις,
      Did you still need to hire someone to configure your mikrotik?
      You can contact me at +628382810220 (Whatsapp, Line) or email me at

      Thank You

  2. I have designed my login page in COREL....can you make it working for my hotspot pleaseeeee......(I can send you a .jpeg to have a look)

  3. hi! thx for the templates, there were much help. Could we add redirection on a desired page on this template of yours ? Thx!

  4. Hello.

    I need a Mikrotik captive portal.

    How can you help me?
    Contact: professeurntic[at]

  5. Yes, I can help anyone configure your Mikrotik devices. Contact me via

  6. Hi !
    I used your tamplate on my mikrotik but the login page is not working. Please somebody can help me ?

  7. very new to mikrotik and would to setup all my users to have user name and password and to restrict them from using youtube, during working ours and also to cap bandwidth and run a report on all users and bandwidth they have used for a whole day or a week.

    can anyone help me pls: +233 244 505 312


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