Friday, 11 September 2015

Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Home Editions

For a long time you had to have the Professional or Enterprise Editions of Windows in order to access the computer using Remote Desktop. Now, thanks to a couple of committed developers, we can enable RDP functionality on Windows Home Editions as well!.

Please note, I tested this on Windows 10 Single Language, but it should work for 8/8.1,7 and Vista

Step 1:

Download the latest RDP Wrapper Library from:

Step 2:

Extract the zip file using your favourite unzipping program, I like 7zip!

Step 3:

Open the folder, and right click on install, then select, "Run as administrator"

Click Ok when in the user account control window.

You should now see the installation status window:
Press any key to exit.

You should now be able to connect to this computer remotely!

RDPWrap also gives some extra options if your run RDPConf.exe