Monday, 24 March 2014

Mikrotik Hotspot - How to install Login Page Templates (Step-By-Step)

15:34 Posted by Jurgens Krause , 17 comments
I hope to post new templates as 'n adapt them for my own use, so keep an eye on the templates page.
Please note that some of these I did not create myself, I found them online for free, and adapted them to work with Mikrotik.

To install the template on your hotspot:

1. Connect to your Mikrotik router using winbox
2. Open the "files" window
3. Drag the "hotspot" folder from the zip file onto the root of your router's file system

Remember to check out my login templates here.


  1. Hey could you please update the 'simple login' since it isn't available anymore on the dropbox link.

    Thanks man!

    1. I somehow managed to delete the source files. I will redo them and post again before the end of the week.

  2. thanks man i will searching for hotspot login page and you blog will give me thank you so much see you soon

  3. thanks a lot to u guys...learning isn't easy for me...thumbs up MASTERS.

  4. hi first of all thanks when i try to view status it redirects me to the login page any idea what i did wrong.