Thursday 22 October 2015

Asterisk Wideband Music on Hold

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The default music on hold included with Asterisk leaves somewhat to be desired, and getting high quality replacement music in the correct formats can be a challenge. I have not managed to figure out how to convert to G722, but you can easily convert to the native Asterisk SLN format with the following commands:

Please note that I run Ubuntu 14.04 server

Step 1: Get the source music file (I prefer MP3 since they are easy to work with)

Hint: Search on youtube with a creative commons licence

Step 2: Copy the file to your Asterisk server

I use WinSP to copy files

Step 3: Install the necessary conversion tools

apt-get install mpg123 sox

Step 4: Convert the MP3 to a high quality wav file

mpg123 -w vivaldi.wav vivaldi.mp3

Step 5: Convert the wav file to a high quality sln16 file

sox vivaldi.wav -t raw -r 16000 -c 1 vivaldi.sln16

Step 6: Copy the file to "/var/lib/asterisk/moh" and reload moh in Asterisk


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