Saturday 10 May 2014

Ubiquiti Airos 5.6 CPE on Cacti

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Ubiquiti has created a new MIB definition to go with the new version of AirOS.  I made myself some new templates to monitor 5.6 version AirOS devices, I will try to update the templates when the 5.6 goes final.

I am working with Cacti version 0.8.7i since that is the current version available to apt-get install on Ubuntu 12.04.

Client Signal - Polled From AP


AP Station Count

AP Uptime

Client Connection Details - Polled from AP

Client Connection Details - Polled from Client

The new AirOs version allows you to graph the stats of clients connected to an AirOS AP by polling the AP itself. If you need any additional data on the graphs, or have any suggestions on how I can improve the graphs, let me know so that I can update them.

Remember to put AirOS5_6.xml and AirOS5_6_AP.xml in your /cacti/resource/snmp_queries/ directory.
You can import the host templates through the Cacti web interface.

The AirOS5_6_AP.xml specifically allows you to graph details from AP connected clients by polling the AP. Please note that currently there is still one problem, the station list returns the station names in HEX. I still have to figure out how to change that.

A note on client traffic:
At this point in time version 5.6-beta3.21929 does not seem to actually post the traffic to the snmp agent.
Client traffic, whether polled from the client itself, or the AP, will be graphed from the perspective of the client once Ubiquiti fixes the bug.


  1. Thanks for these. They're a great start at making ubnt's SNMP promises come true for Cacti users. To address the question in your post, the title I saw on my first graphs are the first five of the six MAC address segments. On the graph template title I changed query_StaMac to query_StaName and got a similar presentation with 5/6 of a MAC address, this one not one of ubnt's. I ran snmpwalk with the OID you list for StaName and got a string of negative integers. I wonder if the MIB is bad. For my own purposes substituting query_LastIp works.

    Again, thanks for the research and the templates!


  2. Could you please make the file available again :)

    It appears the dropbox link is not working any more..

  3. Hi Shaw,
    Sorry for the delay, the link has been updated

  4. Replies
    1. New version has been posted, check the top of this page for links. Thanks for your input.

  5. Hi is it possible to get the total traffic for the AP graphing ? I have all the stations graphing now would like to graph total traffic on the AP.

    on side note starting in 5.6 beta 9 to get the tx/rx rates graphing correctly had to switch divide by 1000 to divide by 1,000,000

    Thanks again for the templates.

    1. You can graph the wireless interface using the normal graph templates. I will work it into the new version

  6. there is a possibility that you update to the official version of which was published yesterday the script ?
    it will work a few things currently not !

    I thank you very much

  7. Thank you do for her !
    I 'll be waiting for your work

  8. Hello Master!
    I wanted to ask how it looks now of you have already a version for testing !

    Thank You Very Much

    1. Hi Georg,

      I am so sorry, I have been so busy lately that I have not had time. It is still on my todo list though.


  9. Hi, I have cacti Version 0.8.8c and AIROS Version: v5.6.2
    On client conections details graph I get RX and TX modulation rate value "nan"
    If I do snmpwalk -v1 -c public .
    I get --> iso. = INTEGER: 300000000

    Is there any diference betwen AIROS 5.6 vesion?

    Can you make seperate graph for TX and RX rate?

    1. Hi David,

      The difference in the latest version is the divisor value. I am updating it in the new version of the template.

      Do you want TX Rate and RX Rate each on a seperate graph, or the two together on a seperate graph.


  10. My version is 0.8.8a cacti for Debian AirOS v5.6.2 ,
    With me is at RX and TX -nan rate rate .
    My Ubiquity now have all the version v5.6.2 on it and all the missing values ​​RX and TX rate rate -nan in cacti . In AirOS I see all values ​​.

    1. Please find attached the screen shots
      Link Pics:

    2. command output:

    3. Only no stress it works so far very good! So only keinne stress because of me !
      Thank you for your support!

      1000 thanks

    4. Hi Georg,

      I am currently updating everything. So if you have any specific requests let me know and I will try to work them in

  11. If you update you will see that it does not work !
    I also have my cacty system remade denoch the same error .
    RX and TX come therefore no information

    1. I found the problem, and I am correcting it for the new version. I want to finish it this week, so just a little patience and all should be well. Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions on improving the graphs.

  12. Hello thank you for the information !
    I am glad that they also have the error . I already believed I where a mistake had . no prob end of the week !

    I have a suggestion .
    when the RX and TX " " issue its own graph template can bake . because it is a bit confusing . otherwise everything fits perfectly !

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Georg,

      take a look at and let me know if you find any problems with the new templates.

      thanks for the suggestion I worked it into the new template.

  13. - I need work this template on cacti 0-.8.8a but Data rate values do not work. Help me please. Thanks for all.

  14. Hi everybody:

    I test cacti template Ubiquiti 5.6 firmware, but my unit is an AC. Some graphics are running fine but not at all.
    AirOS 7.x use another OID? Has anybody a AirOS 7.X MIB's?.