Friday 10 March 2017

Bypass Origin Region Blocked "On the House"

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When I checked my usual news and gaming update sites, I found out that EA was giving away Syberia II for free. So I opened up Origin, and found that the On The House game remained "Theme Hospital" which I have already claimed, and am in the process of trying to finish.

I thought I had missed the free window, but then I discovered that Syberia II was not even on the Origin store in my home country. So I decided to see if I could claim it by using a proxy. Lo and behold, it worked! Read on for instructions on how to claim it.

To find a suitable proxy, open the following link and choose the proxy that seems best to you. I had to try a couple before I found one that worked:

Once you have selected your proxy server, fire up an alternate browser. I usually use Chrome, so I fired up firefox in order to change proxy settings without affecting my normal browsing.

Open up the options page on Firefox, by clicking the hamburger menu in the top right corner, and then clicking on "Options"

Go to the "Advanced" menu

Select the "Network" tab and click on "Settings"

Fill in the proxy details as per selected on

Select "Manual proxy configuration"
Enter the IP of the proxy server you selected
Enter the port as provided my proxynova
Tick the box "Use the proxy server for all protocols"
Click "OK"

You can now visit the Origin store, and access the content as available in the US. This will work equally well for the Steam store. If it does not work, try one of the alternative proxy servers.

Remember to remove the proxy once you are done!


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